Magic is Real

As above, so below. As without, so within. As the Universe, so the Soul. As I will it, so may it be.

The Great Work is ever in progress.


Solve et Coagula

What's Your Deal?

I stated elsewhere on this site that I'm into Gnostic mythos and alchemy. As much as this is true, I am by no means an expert. Think of me less like a witch and more like a wizard's apprentice.

While there's functionally not much difference between the two, I use the term "wizard" instead of "witch" to describe myself because I feel like commercial trends in recent years have really watered down the meaning of "witch". I'm not interested in whatever rose quartz-flavored cultural appropriation they're selling at Urban Outfitters these days; I'm interested in studying the real-world history of the occult, which is honestly far more fascinating. The wizard aesthetic is also far more appealing to me. No shade to goths, but I'd much rather wear star-patterned robes than all black.

Anyway. That's enough ranting. Let's talk about my practice.

What Do You Do?

[sighs] Maybe someday I'll figure out a good way to articulate this part. But in the meantime think of it like this:

In Gnosticism, there's an idea of the left-hand path of practice vs. the right-hand path of study. (We don't have time to get into the further implications of that.) Jeff Hoke represents the left and right hand as the dragon Sinister and the infant Dexter in his phenomenal book The Museum of Lost Wonder. And, well... I'm a big ol' nerd who ended up following the Dexter path.

Don't take this as meaning that I'm some soft boy who doesn't wanna do anything hands-on. Far from it; I'd love to get my greasy little hands dirty. (And sometimes I do!) But it's my belief that before you start setting up altars, you gotta know what to put on them-- and most importantly, why.

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