My Attempts At Beepbox

This is where some of the little tunes I've made with Beepbox/Jummbox are gonna go. They're extremely simple 'cuz I don't know anything about music theory, and it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that you could add channels.

♥ marks the tracks I'm most proud of. Click on the pagedoll to go back.


♥ Funky Magic

This started out as me trying to make the type of song you might hear in a mysterious magical cave area while playing an RPG. Then I messed around with scales, and suddenly I had something much more high-energy on my hands. Honestly I think this is the most legit-sounding song I've made to date.


My attempt at using Ultrabox ended up with this. Interesting boss fight vibes. Might need more work to be considered finished... But what do I even do with it from here?

Woods Song 2.0

This is an improved version of the Woods Song. I still think there could be more to it, but I also like it how it is.

Icirrus City ALT VERSION

Here's the version I transposed into sixths and pitched down. (With some additional modifications.) Again, not perfect, but I think it sounds cool.

♥ Icirrus City (Cover)

This was a huge challenge in a lot of senses: my first real attempt at covering something, my first time wrestling with a meter of 6 rather than 8, and... Oh yeah, this is also my longest and most complex song to date. Turns out the bridge (chorus? is it a bridge or a chorus?) has some really weird stuff going on, so I had to fudge it a lot. Maybe I shouldn't have used one of my most beloved video game tracks for my first cover attempt, but... eh.


On the longer side, but honestly just me noodling around.

♥ Follish

Based on a Tim Follin track that I can't remember the name of. Despite how simple this one looks, it was a bitch and a half to do. This is my first time successfully working on the "free" scale. Not perfect, but not bad either.

♥ just chill

Despite the number of channels in here, this one's honestly relatively simple. The koto towards the end of the loop kinda imitates the pattern of the Woods Song I did a while back.

monster party

Honestly this was just me goofing around to see if I could make the theremin sound good. Not my favorite. If you think you can fix this one, please do so.

♥ footstare

Some of my best tracks come from me trying to recreate a pattern I heard somewhere and seeing what comes of it. This is a prime example. I made a 3/4 version too but then I lost it :(

♥ uh um

Normally customizing instruments is scary, but this just felt right. Fun fact: the bass here follows a similar pattern to the bass in Beatdown.


I don't remember making this one. I think I was experimenting with time signatures?


Like the title suggests, this is my first-- and only-- successful song in eighths. It was a complete pain to make and I never wanna do that again.

it's hard and no one understands

Started out as me just messing with chords. Then I transposed it to 3/4 for funzies and it ended up sounding wayyy better. Can you tell I'm addicted to slap bass yet? :P


Mushroom background by Fool Lovers. Pagedoll by me.