To the gods below and above

Let's see if this works lol

So this is where I slap all my silly little offerings to my deities. Just Charon and Hekate right now, though I might add a little more stuff specific to Artemis and Hephaestus later on. Enjoy, and be on the lookout for a very special secret.

What to Do With This Page?

So I'm thinking of making this primary "front" page a shrine to some of my deities, then adding a few other pages devoted to some of my favorite fictional characters? Maybe an OC or two? Hmmm, a Rusty Lake fanpage would be really neat. I might also have a special little hoard for all my cute lil' pixels that I couldn't fit anywhere else.

With luck and elbow grease, one day I too will become a highly powerful wizard. May the goddess trirumvate, Lady Hekate, watch over my study.