classified to clearance level mika-3 and above


It's no secret that I love web horror. And if you ask any given netizen where to find web horror, chances are they'll bring up the SCP Foundation. It's a collaborative universe of fiction that's been going strong for ages, regarding a fictional secret agency that Secures, Contains, and Protects anomalous objects.

So! For those of you whose knowledge of the SCP world is passing at best, or those of you looking for hidden gems, allow me to give my recommendations!


Entries marked with a * are not recommended for newbies to SCP lore, as they contain format breakers or other material that might confuse a beginner. This list is, and will remain, a work in progress. Content warnings are to be considered incomplete; read at your own risk.


Though not all SCPs are of the horror genre, it's certainly where the Foundation got its start. It's also my genre of choice. As such, this section will likely be the longest.


If you're not big on horror, the wiki also abounds with some golden comedic entries. Not just J-class entries, either!