Headed out? Why not make a stop?



  • The Fesh Pince of Blair - As one commenter aptly described it, this is the Citizen Kane of Youtube Poops. Some of the humor is in rather poor taste, and there are a few slurs (it's from the 2000s), so watch with caution.
  • Here's What We Missed on Glee - One of my favorite video essays ever. The creator is really funny and explains the plot well, and I've never even watched Glee.
  • Who's Afraid of Modern Art - For anyone who's ever looked at a work of modern art and thought "I could do that".
  • The Meat Planet - One of those funny videos that you can actually show to your parents.


  • Internet Story - Required viewing for all fans of web horror. [CW: Brief mentions of homophobia, cartoon blood/violence]
  • Mystery Flesh Pit National Park - An ongoing Unfiction project about a mysterious pit in east Texas, the resulting tourism circus, and the catastrophe that brought it all crashing down. [CW: body horror, psychological horror]
  • Flesh, Blood, and Concrete - A relatively recent RPG Maker game about a man who stumbles upon a strange apartment building... [CW: body horror, AI-generated images]
  • Gemini Home Entertainment - Analog horror is a pretty saturated niche nowadays, but trust me when I say this is the best one. [CW: body horror, some misappropriation of the term "skinwalker"]


  • A Dark Room - Somewhere between an idle game and a text adventure game. I think about it often.
  • meiker.io - Hosts a boatload of user-submitted dress up games. Think Picrew, but more sophisticated.
  • Rusty Lake - My favorite series of point-and-click games. Play them. Do it.
  • Soul Void - The best GB Studio game I've ever played. Recently got a remaster!
  • Cookie Clicker - The one and only.
  • HIKEBACK - A clever, scary visual novel where replaying to get multiple endings is a core mechanic. I recommend going into this one at least a little blind.


  • Hawaii Part II - One of my favorite albums ever.
  • Color Contrast Checker - Quick 'n' dirty tool for checking the readability of your text color against your background color.
  • The Pink Trombone - Goof around with a virtual model of a throat.
  • Ian's Shoelace Site - An absolute treasure of the internet. Has everything you could ever possibly hope to know about shoelaces.
  • HORG - The Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group. Describes those little bread bag clips as if they were actual organisms, with a stunningly intricate taxonomy.
  • Library of Babel - An online realization of Jorge Luis Borges' story of the same name.
  • Lo-Fi ATC - Plays a live feed of your chosen airport's air traffic control radio, laid over lo-fi music.
  • Radio Garden - Speaking of radio, this one allows you to connect to basically any station on Earth.
  • Speech Accent Archive - A massive database of audio samples of various accents. Great for reference, comparing/contrasting, or just curiosity.

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