Libraries & Museums

It's no secret that I love libraries and museums. It's not about some abstract notion of them being institutions of learning or what-have-you; I just think they're neat. Naturally, this love often trickles over to my dreams.

Often, these places are massive and grand in nature, with old-fashioned architecture and intricate systems of hallways. That or they're cozy, rustic little places, full of odd artifacts and secrets to be found in every corner. And of course, what would one of my dreams be without some weird fantasy shenanigans?

One dream in recent memory was about visiting one of those rustic little museums. I remember the architecture always shifting and changing (as dreams often do). The most unusual piece of the puzzle was a system of hallways and doors that operated via a rotating platform that was difficult to control. Almost as if that place had a mind of its own...

Surely It Means Something...

I mentioned before that I've been on a lot of road trips in my life. Inevitably, if you're driving across the lower 48, you'll encounter some weird and offbeat tourist attractions that often proclaim themselves to be "museums". The Mystery Shack isn't an exaggeration; I've been to places exactly like that.

In addition, the Museum of Lost Wonder was a formative text for me. So you could say these dreams are me reliving those fond memories: both the fantastical and the tacky, both the grand and the kitsch.