Did you seriously think I was gonna make this page without mentioning death? Tch. Foolish.

But yeah. Whoever said you can't die in dreams without waking up immediately after (or dying in real life???) was a gods-damned liar. It happens to me in dreams all the time. Sometimes the dream ends there, sometimes I wind up in the afterlife, sometimes I become a ghost... it honestly depends. But the death dreams never seem to be nightmares, in case you were worried about my mental state. (Come to think of it, maybe that's more worrying...)

Sometimes the whole death/undeath thing happens to other people/characters in my dreams! I have a distinct memory of a dream I had as a kid, where a man in a bellboy uniform was hit with a bolt of necrotic red energy that turned him into a walking skeleton. Then there was the dream I had right before I started college, where a whole spaceship full of people self-destructed and their souls ended up stored in an evil computer core.

But what does it mean?

Much like the Death card in tarot, I don't think all the death in my dreams necessarily means actual mortality. Rather, it's more like a sense of transition or transformation from one state to another. A lot of these dreams have happened in transitional periods of my life. Besides, even if it did, I'm a staunch believer in death positivity; no one lives forever, and confronting that is healthy. So these dreams don't really worry me much.

I also just really like stories about undeads, ghosts, et cetera. It's only natural that some of this interest leaks over into my dreams.