What is this?

Ever since my teenage years, I've been striving to become a lucid dreamer. Part of training oneself to lucid dream is practice, both in the waking world and the dreaming world.

This includes checking certain things that don't work in dreams: reading books, counting fingers, and flipping light switches are just a few examples. Even just asking "am I dreaming?" every so often can help train your mind to be more alert during dreams. But the most fun practice of them all is recording your dreams upon waking.

I've tried keeping coherent dream journals before, but I can never seem to remember to write everything down. Instead I just end up messaging my friends about the dream. But after combing through old messages and compiling some screencaps (as well as racking my memory for the more vivid stuff), I've noticed a few patterns in my dream imagery. Here, I hope to keep track of the recurring motifs.